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Back in the Spring, a friend told me about this really great post on one of my favorite blogs Nest Egg.  The post was on affordable ORIGINAL artwork.

I know what you're thinking - does such a thing exist?  It does!

I loved one of the artist so much I bought a water color from her and had it framed.
It reminded me of my daughter (I think it's the shape of the subject's face). The piece was $45.00!

Later this summer, I was rummaging through the Tobacco Barn in Asheville, NC and found this for $75.00 already framed:

So, I started thinking - good original artwork is rather elusive.  There is no real go to place to get it.  You either happen upon a find at a flea market or you discover an artist who is not well known yet, recognize the talent, and snap up it.  

Here are some of my recent finds for artwork.  Although the painting above is traditional, I have a real mix of art in different rooms. Here are some of my favorites:

Kate Merritt Davis is a local Birmingham artist.  She has some affordable large pieces; but the prices seem to be going up (as she becomes more well known).  The thing I like about her work is that although it is modern/abstract it looks great mixed with traditional furnishings.

Barclay Gresham

Barclay is another local find.  Her pieces range from works like the one above to complete abstracts that have some of the most fantastic colors.  Her custom pieces are really spectacular.

Linda Monfort
Linda is an Etsy find, so I don't know her personally but find I am often drawn to her work.  If I do an Etsy search to quickly browse a list,  I always seems to pause on her pieces.  They, too, are affordable given the size of the work. 

Another Etsy find, I think that watercolor is one of the more difficult mediums to get right.  She definitely does the job!

Daisley Moffitt
If you need a brightly colored piece, this is your stop.  Another affordable Etsy find.

Tonya Adelle
This is my kind of abstract.  Love the darker colors.  This would work in any neutral space to give you that bit of pop!

Loris World
Last, but certainly not least, Loris does a great job with these watercolors of various birds.  These would make an amazing grouping over a chest or in a dining room.  A nice change from the usual botanicals or etchings you see framed as a series.

If you have other sources for great original art, I would love to hear from you!

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