Let's go Craig's Listings!

I love a good yard sale.  I think it's in my genes.  I can remember stopping with my Dad on a Saturday morning just to see what they had to offer.  Just this past month, we drove by a sale on our way out of town, and my son said, "Mom, you really wanted to stop back there and look.  Didn't you?"  I just smiled and said, "Of course I did!"  

The good news?  These days you can get your yard sale fix on line.  

Here are a few items I found just by giving Craig's List a quick look.  All these items are in the Birmingham area, but I am sure you can find similar gems in your area.  

1st Find

I found these great chairs for $60.00 for the pair!  

They remind me of the Isabel Chair from Doxa which retails for $1,350.00 each.  You will have to click on the link as this picture is copyrighted.

If these beauties were mine, I would then reupholster the seats in this fabric which retails for $12.95 a yard (100% linen, I might add)!

Once I finished, I would use them on either side of a chest or console table to create a larger impact.  Sort of like this: 

or something like this:

I'll do the math, for around $86.00 total, you have a pair of chairs very similar to a pair that would cost you $2,700.00.  Pretty good deal, don't you think?

2nd Find

These amazing chairs for $100.00 for the pair!  

These are a very similar look to the Maude side chairs that retails for $1,695.00 each at Jayson Home and Garden!

For these, I would go with a more hip, mod gray velvet fabric for $30.00 a yard:

or a lighter leather (if you have warmer tones in your house) like this one that retails for $26.98 a yard:

Once finished, these chairs with their round backs would look great flanking a fireplace, like this:

Or like this:

See those beautiful accent chairs to the right in this picture.

So, for a total of $160.00 you have a pair of chairs that have the same feel as a pair that would cost you $3,510.00.  Again, not a bad deal! 

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