Mirrors - Stylish Alternatives

I love a great deal.  But the one thing I refuse to do is compromise on the style of a piece.  If I can't find an affordable alternative that truly gives me the same look, I would much rather save my money and get the real thing.  So, when I see options that do give me the same look for less, I must share them!

So, let's talk mirrors - first, they help brighten a room (if placed in the right spot).  They can add sparkle (which every room needs a bit of) and they can play up the style of a room.  

Rustic Mirror

The rustic feel of this mirror adds a ton of character to the space.  Note:  normally, I am not a fan of a mirror over a fireplace (you usually have to hang it so high that all it is reflecting is the ceiling).  But in the picture above, it works because it is opposite a window and reflects the outdoors. 

The pricey option:

Here is a more affordable option(and I actually like it better than the more expensive one).


Now we're really talking, this is more like it:


And here's one for even less. OK, I will give you that it is round and not oval, but it is the same scale and roughly the same size and it's REAL mango wood.  So, I do think it can give you the same look in a space for a lot less. 


High Glam Starburst Mirror

OK - I know that lots of people think that these are done (the trend is over), but I do still like the impact.  I admit it.  I love the Hollywood throw back feel of this style.  I can see a pair of these mirrors over demilune tables on either side of a doorway entering a dining room.  Or just one over a fireplace (like this).  

Here is the pricey version:


And a better option.


Getting better. I actually like the muted gold tones of this mirror and the shape more than the pricer option.  It feels more like an real antique.  One issue - It's 7" smaller than the first one, so it will not have the same impact as the larger mirror, but the price is right!


This is the best option.  It is large like the most expensive one and has the best price!


So, ALWAYS shop around.  For most items, you can get the look for a lot less! 

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