Mix & Match - Formal Dining Room

I love the idea of taking a simple piece of furniture and completely changing its look by what you pair with it.  This is the type of thing we do with our design firm.  We take a piece the homeowner already has and select new fresh furnishings to make it special.

So, I thought it would be fun to create a formal dining room look.

The furniture piece I have selected is this very basic dining table
which is on sale right now for $599.00 at Pottery Barn.
You may have a similar table in your own home.

I know what you're thinking - that thing in a FORMAL dining room?!  Oh ye of little faith!  

1st Option

In this option, I have included host and hostess wing back chairs in a creamy white leather with nailhead trim.  The nailheads on these chairs really work with the rustic look of the table, while the modern shape bring the style factor way up.  I then balanced the light color of the wing backs by selecting side chairs that have a painted finish.  The chandelier brings it all together for a very high end eclectic vibe. 

Here's a closer look:

2nd Option

The rustic french chandelier paired with the table have a warm comfortable feel, yet the velvet upholstered chairs make the grouping more formal.  What I think makes this grouping work are the warm tones of all the pieces.  I think I could really spend an evening of good conversation, food & wine in those chairs.  They look like they would "hug" your back.  

Here's a closer peek:

Notice the silicon dipped bulbs in this chandelier, it gives the effect of a real candle.  I have a source for these if you are interested.  Just email me!


3rd Option

How about a shot of mod!  I love how the modern chandelier and barrel chairs play off the rustic table.  I can see some really large black and white photographs in a grouping on one large wall.  Maybe like this.  This photograph was taken by Virginia Jones,  an amazing local photographer and friend.  Her blog is very inspiring http://birminghamalabamadailyphoto.blogspot.com/.  

Also, if you haven't noticed I love leather in the dining room.  I think it is so practical.  You can wipe down the chairs after a night of dining, and they will will look great for years!  

Remember: You can't ruin the fibers of leather with food and wine like you can with linen and silk!! And if you are worried about the space feeling sterile or cold, just select window treatments in a textured velvet, silk or linen to warm it up. 

Ok, enough lecturing, here's a closer look:

So, I have to ask: which one would you choose? 

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