No Sofa!

A couple of years ago, I went to a party at this great house in our neighborhood.  When I walked into the living room it hit me.  She doesn't have a sofa!  Instead, she had four great chairs with a round coffee table anchoring the grouping.  It looked absolutely perfect.  The room was small in scale so the chairs just worked.

Now, every time I see this design for a room (which is becoming more and more frequently) I think back to that room.  It's current and unexpected and who doesn't like to have their very own chair!

I also love the taller table with these chairs - feels like the beach is just to your right in this picture.
This space was designed by Laura Stern.  She has a wonderful ability to bring in just the right amount of modern style while maintaining a cozy warm sensibility to a space.  As with everything that Laura does, the layout is unique.  In this case, the four chairs are squared off (thus putting the focus on the fireplace).

Notice in this picture that the four chairs are not identical.  This works because they are similar in tone/color and scale.  Also, this room has little to no wall space(it is a pass through room), so floating the arrangement in the center of the room really looks great and makes the room feel bigger.

Another example with chairs that do not match.  The bold pattern chairs are side by side (rather than facing each other as in the previous picture).  It really accents the fireplace and grounds that feature wall.  

This space is the most inviting to me.  These chairs look like you could curl up and hang out all night with friends.  

OK, I take it back, this one is the most inviting because I can actually see the water and those chairs look sooooo comfy! 

So,  go home and rearrange your furniture.  It won't cost you a thing and you will burn some calories doing it!  


  1. love the 4 chair look. great photos. and those curtains in the second pic down remind me that i need to get a working on mine!

  2. love it, too. So intimate and the room isn't focused on the tv--it's focused on people instead!


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