Trend setting - Yellow

A close friend asked me to help her with fabrics for her formal living room.  She really wanted to freshen up the space and make it feel current but she said that we would have to work around her yellow sofa.  

Work around?  Are you kidding - yellow is the hottest color of the season.  That very day, I got my September issue of Veranda in the mail. 

You guessed it!  Yellow.  It is everywhere - and this is not the yellow of the 1980's mixed only with blue.  This is a hip yellow mixed in with mainly gray, but lots of other colors as well.  The key is to use it sparingly to create punch.
My personal style is to use neutral fabrics for all the large upholstered pieces.  Then you have the flexibility to add yellow with accent pillows and throws.

This color trend is not reserved for summer (which is the traditional time of year that we think of yellow).    When mixed with gray, it's cozy and warm.

Talk about impact.  Those doors are fantastic.

If you are not so sure about yellow, go with a subtle shade like the picture above.  If you are fearless, pair the yellow with black and white and make a huge statement. 

Another option is to purchase accessories in yellow (like these modern table lamps).  This will give you the look without a huge commitment. 

If you look closely at the picture below, you will see that select books (not all of them) have been wrapped in yellow paper.  Again, a quick inexpensive way to embrace yellow.  Also love the artwork that has been hung and propped on the bookshelves.  

I love the idea behind this photograph (not loving the filing cabinet side table, but that is for another day) The homeowner has taken a yellow floral wallpaper to create artwork.  This is a great way to get a large piece of art on a small budget and zero commitment.  

If you love yellow, a great abstract with lots of yellow hues does the trick.

Lastly, this is an example of how the smallest amount of bright yellow can change the feel of a room.  

Think about injecting some sunshine yellow into your interiors this fall.  


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