Double Take - Square Coffee Table

This past Spring, my Mother was freshening up their beach place and somehow I ended up with this coffee table [it had a smoky glass top which shattered on the way to the car - oops].

  She said, "Maybe you could use it in an empty staging project." Well, at first I thought, "Not in this lifetime!" Then I thought, "The 1980's called and want their coffee table back."  But as the table sat in our garage, I began to appreciate the lines of the piece and came up with a solution to repurpose it.  So, here is the after (it now lives in our family room).

Needless to say, my Mom wants it back now! 

[BTW, yes that is a very large TV in a very large black hole above our fireplace, and yes, it is on the list!!  When I get the green light from the hubs to remodel that area, I will post pictures!]  


  1. Mandi it's beautiful.

    Can I ask....What fabric did you use and who made the cover?

  2. Hey Kelly!
    Miss seeing you. . . The cover is a neutral linen (very inexpensive from King Cotton) with the trim is from (an online fabric house in Atlanta). I sewed the cover!! But, if you need a name of someone, I have a list of my favorites who we work with and will gladly share them with you! M.

  3. love this project. It turned out great - and who would have thunk!!! great job mandi. i especially love the trim.

  4. I really like it, great reuse. Love that trim!

  5. I must be honest, I never would have thought of covering up that table, even though I love table slips. Looks fantastic!!

  6. This is awesome. What a good idea. I love the color,fabric and trim as well!!!

  7. Oh! It is beautiful!
    Btw, I'm so jealous of your living room. It is so perfectly sophisticated and fabulous!


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