Guess what I did this weekend?

While my hubby was away for a boy's golfing trip this past weekend, I got busy with some Halloween decorations.  I am usually very restrained with outside decorations, but I after reading some really great Halloween posts like this and this and this, I got inspired.  
In addition to the inspiration, I finally gave in to the constant urging, begging, pleading of my eight year old daughter to "do more Halloweeny stuff."

First, a few interior pictures of basic fall decorations I always do.
Most of these can stay until after Thanksgiving.  This is a picture of the entryway to our house.

I love the little white pumpkins that you see everywhere.  I picked up three, and here's where they landed.

This is a game table in our family room, and I think that pumpkin is called "moon dust." 

Now for the outside!  This is our front door.  The day before Halloween we will carve those pumpkins.  My children will spend hours selecting just the right pattern for their pumpkin, then I will spend hours trying to achieve this pattern!  Not sure why the traditional ole jack o' latern face is not on their list?

Here is our dining room window.  The windows to the left in the picture are mock doors and match our front doors.  This started as a couple of bags of spider webbing and when I got down from the ladder I gasped at the evolution of it all!

The spiders eyes blink red at night.  My daughter, of course, is thrilled! So, I hope these images and posts will help get in the spirit of Halloween. 


  1. Oh my, I LOVE IT!!! Can i give you a budget and you go buy some of those pumpkins and bittersweet and put them around my house!?? i love how they will totally stay up through thanksgiving. You get to enjoy them for almost 2 months. It really looks great mandi. and i love the spider web, too.

  2. You have inspired me to decorate our home for Halloween! Your ideas are brilliant and that Spider...WOW!!

    Best wishes for a Happy Halloween,


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