J.C. . . is that you?

 I hope you are having a great week so far.  My little get away was wonderful.  We had a very relaxing trip, and now I am looking forward to Halloween weekend.  Here's what's on my mind today.

  A few years ago, I was looking for a sectional sleeper sofa for our playroom.  I wanted a relaxed slipcover look for the space, but did not want to pay the price for it since I knew it would be totally trashed by my adorable (smile) kids.  During the search, I found a very affordable option at J.C. Penney.

Since then, J.C. has been on my radar.  They seem to be getting it these days.  Check out some of these finds! (P.S. JC Penney is not paying me for all this free advertising, so the pictures are not super clear and you will have to click through to see a larger image). 

$899.00 for the chair

 It looks a lot like one of my favorite chairs currently on sale for $3,196.00.


I think a pair of these would look great at the end of a bed or even in a den for extra storage. 
$129.99 each

This is a great deal on an occasional table that would work in a number of rooms.

$119.00 Each


It has a very similar look to the Colette Bed by Crate and Barrel, but a very different price.

Here are a couple of other pieces that have lots of potential too.



Sometimes I think you have to think outside the box on where you are looking for furnishings and fabrics.  There are so many options these days and it's really worth doing some research on prices before purchasing.

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