My Wish for You . . .

My wish for you this weekend is that someone will make you a delicious breakfast (all your favs, of course) [maybe in a kitchen like this]

And serve it to you on a tray [like the one to the left in this picture] in bed where you can relax and slowing wake up to your day! 

Have a great weekend.


  1. Could you send those wishes directly to my husband?

  2. I love the white and charcoal kitchen- one of my favourites.
    PS- It looks like we are both relative newbies in the blog business and will definitely be following yours- it looks great!

  3. I was at home alone this weekend while the hubster was out at his annual guys' weekend. Of course, The King(Burger King that is) did make me a lovely breakfast on Saturday. LOL. Hope you had a great weekend! -c


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