Say What You Mean!

We all live with preconceived notions, and interior design is no exception.  As an interior designer, it's my job to help clients visualize a space.  You can't expect someone to get what you have worked out in your mind for a particular room.  It takes pictures and samples of everything to allow the client to see the big picture.   Let me give you an example of what I mean.

If I told you I wanted you to consider animal print for your space, would you think of this?

or would this come to mind?

  If I told you I really wanted to include a fresh arrangement of carnations [which, by the way, is my least favorite flower on the planet], would you think of this? 

Or would this come to mind?

And, if I suggested we include a "shot of mod" to freshen up the space, would you think of this?

Or something more along these lines?

"Show me" is way more important than "tell me" in the world of interior design.

"Everyone is a prisoner of his own experiences. 
No one can eliminate prejudices - just recognize them."
Edward R. Murrow


  1. So so true.

    And you scared me to death with that first photo. Did the Jersey Shore girls come out with a bedding line?

  2. I love this post. That first photo scared me too, Raina!

  3. What's really scary is how easy that first picture was to find! M.


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