Shipping Container Homes

Last year I found myself in the middle of a conversation between my Dad and older brother, Mark, about creating a hunting camp out of a couple of shipping container boxes.  These are the containers semi-trucks carry on the interstate as they ship cargo across the country.  

Now, my Dad and brother are huge hunters and love the idea of staying in the woods for days in what they call a "hunting camp."  This is code for a "big boy fort" with no girls allowed and is fine by me [after all, I married a golfer].  Yet, during this discussion, I realized I was grimacing as they described how they would build this camp.  

But, I came home and did some research and actually found that Mark was not so off base on his scheme.  Although I doubt he had these structures in mind, they really made me reconsider how I approach new ideas on building design and green living.  I think these are amazingly cool. 

Always keep an open mind. These pictures are evidence that with an imagination, you can create something interesting. 

Have a safe and wonderful Halloween weekend.  We are celebrating with a block party and lots of fun friends.  Hope you do the same. 


  1. No way! Really cool idea. Just found your blog and I'm following!

  2. These sure like great dream homes to me for now... I still need to save a lot of cash before I'll be able to fund for my own home.


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