Wall Decals - Proceed With Caution

I have been thinking about this post for awhile and finally decided to publish it.  Why the apprehension? I'm not sure what I think about Wall Decals.  I know . . .  hard to believe I have not formed an opinion about something!

So, why post?  It's a bit of a conundrum - wall decals are a hot trend I've been seeing in design.  But, they are a tricky element that can quickly go from cool & hip to cheesy & cheap.  At times, I really like the look they give you, but at other times they seem to ruin a room.

So, in a personal attempt to come to terms with wall decals and figure out why they give me such mixed feelings, I have pulled together some examples of wall decals I think work.

Informal Family Room
This room is by Candice Olson who tends to use wall decals more than any other decorator I know; and for the most part, I think she is able to pull it off.  I think the paisley works on this wall because it is a low ceiling wall in a narrow room and is a great alternative to framed artwork that would take up valuable space.  Also, the way the decals have been applied makes the wall feel like it continues beyond the ceiling - thus distracting from the low ceilings.  As an aside, I always marvel at how Candice can cram so much furniture into a small space and still make it look right. 

Kid's Rooms
Generally, I think wall decals are easier to pull off in a child's room.  Also, if your children are like mine, most framed art tends to get knocked off the walls during impromptu football games at some point.  So, decals are a nice, inexpensive option.

This would be a great look in a little boy's room.  It is an unexpected way to display the alphabet. I can see this paired with some cool boyish fabrics that are a bit understated.  

Here is an example in a tween bedroom.  This has a big girl feel to it and can easily be changed as she moves into another stage.

Generally, I do not like wall decals with phrases on them (i.e., "Dream, Wish, Hope.").  I can't articulate why, I just don't like it.  But for some reason, the photo below is ok for me.  I think it helps that it is a child's room and the monogram feels more custom.  Also, I love monogrammed linens, so maybe that's the reason I like this room. 

Shot of Mod
Most wall decals I like seem to be included in homes with a modern sense of style.  I really like the look of this one.  But, maybe I like it because it is really more like modern wallpaper which I do think looks amazing in the right space.  

This is a very traditional room, but the wall decal gives the room and updated feel.  I also think the saturated color of walls with the white decal really makes this work.

Where to Find
I can't stand showing you pictures and not giving you some sources for this product.  There are lots of others, but here a few to peruse.

So, I'm still trying to decide what I think about it.  I would love your thoughts on it.  Do you like wall decals?


  1. I actually really like them. I have used them in my girls bathroom to give it an expensive and temporary Ariel theme knowing that we will outgrow this in a few years. but while they are young, they love it. I have also used them in the playroom. I put up circles of different sizes to add some interest and color to one area of the room. This was another easy and inexpensive to bring some tween design into the room but still fun for the younger sister.

  2. I love wall decals. They dress up a room very nicely I use them all over the house. It is a great way to change the feeling or up date the home without spending alot of money. I love the shot of mod decal wondering where it is from ? Would love to purchase it.


Thank you for thoughts on my post! M.