Website Highlight "Please Bring It"

This is such a great idea for a website.  I wish I had thought of it! 

"Please Bring It" [] has the subtitle of 
"Reach more. Do more. Work less." and it certainly does.  

This website is a free on line sign up sheet for any type of sign up that you may need in life.  If you are having:
  •  a potluck lunch at the office and don't want to have duplicate casseroles
  •  a function and need volunteers to sign up for certain times of the day
  •  a classroom need (i.e., paper towels, tissue, hand sanitizer) and the teacher needs only a few of each item or
  •  any other type of sign up.  
The great thing about it is that it is on line so everyone can go to the site and immediately see the updates.  No "reply all" to the group or one person having to resend an updated list of who has signed up for what.  This is one very useful tool.  


How does this relate to interior design?

Because with it, you can save so much time and energy that can be spent focusing on this:

or this

or even this!


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  2. Hi Mandi,

    Thanks for mentioning BringIt on your blog. I am really happy to hear you like it! Super awesome. Your site is cool too, love your ideas and voice. Cheers!

    Liza Cunningham
    Founder, BringIt Sign Up Sheets


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