Find of the Week (and Giveaway Winner)

OK, first things first.  We have a winner of the pillow giveaway.  I went to, and they selected the number 10 who happens to be Kim Davidson.  As she mentioned in her comment, the pillows will live in her bedroom!  I am so glad they are going to a happy home!
Thank you to everyone who commented on the pillows and post.  You have definitely made my week! AND I promise to do another giveaway soon!

  Now, on to my "Find of the Week."

Find of the Week
I was looking through a stack of catalogs we receive and noticed this very small West Elm "Festive Edition" catalog [pamphlet really].  I was amazed at all the incredibly wonderful accessories and gift ideas in this little catalog! The prices simply can not be beat for such chic items.  Also, the large majority of these have free shipping!  So, note to West Elm, "I would love a check for all this free advertising!" 
Here are my favorites.

Lacquered Boxes 
(I know this one surprises you.)
I have never seen lacquered boxes at this price point and such variety (there are still more on their website).  I have put one on my wish list!

Mercury Glass Birds
These are so sweet and would add a much needed touch of sparkle to any room.  Also, 50% of the purchase price of each bird will to to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital! ($12 small & $16 large).

White Chic Nutcracker
This, too, is a St. Jude's gift with 50% of the price going to the hospital. ($24 for the small and $59 for the large)

Music Balloons
What a fabulous stocking stuffer!  My kids would love this one. ($45 each)

Cast Animal Bookends
These are being marketed as bookends, but they are sold separately ($24 each) and one would make a really cool sculpture for a bookshelf.  In our staging company, we try to always include dark colored accessories on light or white bookshelves.  So, if you  have white painted bookshelves, this would be a great addition. 

Porcelain Perfume Bottles
The opposite is true for dark furnishings, like an English Country secretary or chest.  It really looks great to place white accessories on these items to allow them to show up.  The contrast trick really does work! These are only $19 each.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!  See you Monday. M.


  1. I love the white nutcrackers. So mod, but classic, too.

  2. I LOVE all the Christmas decor at West Elm this year also! I actually bought one of those bookends for a cute.

  3. I just got a West Elm catalog today. Along with a House Beautiful magazine. I'm looking forward to having an hour or two by myself this afternoon (husband has offered to 'watch' the baby!) and look through them over a cup of coffee!


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