How about a Boat Ride?

Little thing to note about me: I get motion sickness very very easily (car, plane or boat).  To my husband's frustration, I can't even read a map in a car.  
No one knows this better than my friend, Harriett, who sat next to me on our way out to Colorado a few years ago on a very bumpy flight!  But I digress . . .  

This little known fact usually does not bother me.  Like many things in life, I have learned to deal with it.  But, recently, I was looking at Darren Henault Interiors website and noticed this in his portfolio  - "Palm Beach Yacht."

After seeing these pictures, I just might risk it for a ride on this beauty! 

This looks like a choice spot to ride with a panoramic view.

This is my favorite shot.  I love the grasscloth cabinets and the desk area that can be tucked away when not in use.  This would be cool in any space. 

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  1. I love it when spaces are used efficiently which is really important when the space is a challenge. Fabulous fabulous desk! Enjoy a gorgeous day, Kellie xx


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