Metallic Wallpaper

Here's the story.  I love metallic wallpaper but in small doses!  I think it can quickly get out of hand if you don't know what you're doing.  However, when I see these papers, I sigh. . .  So, I had to share them with you.

Here is a double whammy [which is a highly technical design term] wallpaper with a metallic background and a raised flocked damask design.  I would not cover my living room in this, but I would consider it in a guest bathroom, or entryway.

This is one of my favorite sites for the real deal.  Second Hand Rose has vintage wallpapers that you simply can not find any other place.  If you are really looking for something different and edgy.  You need to bookmark this page.

This particular paper would be stunning on an accent wall in a bedroom (you would place the bed on the wall where you applied this paper).  It is hard to see the metallic quality from this picture, but if you go to the site you can see other colors that really show the sheen.  

This paper would be perfect on the ceiling of a entryway or powder room.  You could also use it in the backs of a built in bookshelf for some added interest.   

Here's another one that would work great on the ceiling in a special room.  Also, believe it or not, this is easier to apply than a metallic paint which shows every brush stroke and can be difficult to get right. 

This paper looks like handpainted or block printed with a coppery metallic paint (reminds me of that fabulous fortuny fabric I found).  Although it is more understated than the others, it would add a very expensive touch to a powder room or accent wall.  This one is my personal favorite. 

So, are you a fan of metallic paper or not?! 

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