Present for the Mr.

The one thing that my husband does not like about our house is the fact that it does not have a dedicated office for him to use when he's home.  So, if I had unlimited funds, this is what I would give him for Christmas this year.

Will you look at those floors? I love the color, shine and the fact they are on the diagonal.  Also, an entire room just for books (with a small sitting area in there)!  
Then the work areas and storage.  Soak it in. . .   Sigh.  OK, I admit this gift would be very self indulgent.

PS: The coffee table I turned into an ottoman [which I posted about a while back] is being featured today by Roeshel on The DIY Showoff.  Click on over and check out her blog.  She's got some really amazing DIY projects (in case you have some extra time on your hands this weekend). Thanks, Roeshel, for the mention!

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