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I found a new blog this weekend with the most amazing Advent calendar idea that I have ever seen!  I just had to share it with you.  The blog is called Just a Girl  and the owner, Chris, is so very talented.  You must take a little time to peruse her blog.  She has a great take on things.   

Here is a quick picture of her Christmas Advent Jar, but you have to read all about it.  She has a very creative list of "treats" to include in each day and most of them are free! 

So, as usual, this post got me thinking about Advent and how we celebrate it.  We have an Advent calendar at our house (but no gifts, just the days of the month).  I think it is the single most exciting thing that happens each day in December prior to Christmas morning.  My kids scamper every morning to put that date on the calendar.  It really does encourage them to remember the "waiting" of Advent.  

Here's a picture of one similar to ours, except we have the actual dates on each piece.  I'm so tempted to do something new, but my kids get such a thrill out of the one we have I think I'll stick with it at least one more year.  

Here a few others just to get your mind brewing!

I like the different size containers on this.  It allows for a variety of treat ideas.

If you can knit, this is a cute option (of course since we are eight days in, you may want to start on it for next year!) How cute would these be strung on a small christmas tree in your breakfast room.  Each light has a small matchbox inside.  

How about a virtual Advent calendar!  You will have to go to the blog site to actually see how it works.  But basically, you click on the current date and get an Advent thought of the day!

This one would be perfect if you had older kids or no kids!  It is very sophisticated.  From what I can tell this was a Pottery Barn product a few years ago, but from the looks of it, you could easily make it yourself.  I also love the ornaments they have included.   Notice the 22nd - it looks like maybe a fun family outing or a scavenger hunt for a present!  

So maybe you aren't super crafty.  Here are three very simple ideas for you to consider.  You can order them from Etsy!

This one is a series of small paper lunch bags on a jute string.   

 You can find these small treat boxes in the wedding section at the Dollar store!

This Advent calendar is downloadable from Etsy, so you don't have to wait another minute to get it! 

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