Come Back Kid, Again?

I just read Nate Berkus has announced the launch of the Berkus collection which will be a line of decorative home furnishings due the Spring of 2012.  According to the statement, the collection will focus on "approachable beauty meets quality solutions."  The collection will include decorative accessories, dinnerware, bedding, lighting, rugs, draperies and furniture pieces. 

Hmmm?  I guess the spin doctors have confused me, but didn't he already do this with Home Shopping Network?

I'm thinking . . .  if you announce anything in a loud strong Master of Ceremonies voice, will people think it is something new and fresh?  Worth a try. . . 

The MC says . . . 

Mandi Smith T has just announced the launch of a new approach: She is going to expect everyone in her house to make up their beds in the morning.   

Mandi stated, "I know this is going to be a fresh new idea for everyone, but let's give it a try. This is a great way for beauty to meet a quality solution! "

Enjoy your weekend. M.


  1. Ha Ha...I have a few announcements at my house too. Think I will give it a try!

  2. You crack me up!

    And I'm having a hard time getting past his "sexy" face.

  3. Mandi, This post cracks me up. Let me know if it works for you. I'm going to try the same thing at my house :)


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