The Deep Blues

I'm normally not a blue kind of girl, but this room draws me in.  All that deep blue with the sharp pops of yellowy green in the chairs and those fun pillows.  This layered on top of a very sophisticated base coat of the chocolate mohair sofa, a zebra rug, a pair of matching floor lamps and that delicate glass top cocktail table.  Sigh.  
It's working for me!


  1. That's the color of our master bedroom! And we painted the ceiling just like Ms. Showers.

  2. I love the inky blue- especially when it is laqured like the gorgeous room you posted.

  3. Oh, I love how the curtains melt into the rods melt into the wall melt into the moulding melt into the ceiling. that is yummy. Even the recessed lights seem to be the blue color. the green/yellow leather chairs are the perfect contrast. Even


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