Girls Day Out!

One of my favorite things to do this time of year is to get a group of fun girls together and do our local holiday house tour.  This year, in Birmingham, the Independent Presbyterian Church Holiday House tour is going to be held on December 11th & 12th.   So, if you happen to be in town that weekend, it really is a must see.  If not, I would encourage you to do a little research in your city and find a house tour to check out.

Also, for the friend who has everything, consider giving them tickets to a tour as your present this year.   In fact, you could pre-order your tickets as a surprise and kidnap them for the day!  It's really fun, and the money goes to a great cause.   

I remember when I first moved to Birmingham a friend called and asked if I wanted to do the tour.  I remember thinking when we walked into the first house, "Where are all the Christmas Decorations?"  I quickly realized that it's not about the decorations, it's about the homes.  Now, to be clear, some homes have very minimal decorations while others are over the top, it really just depends on the homeowner's taste.  In fact, I remember a home on the tour one year that was beautifully decorated for Chanukah.  That's what makes the tour so interesting.  Each home is unique and is full of ideas on interior design.  

Early in the year, a committee at the church puts together a home tour of the most stunning homes in Birmingham.  These very generous homeowners open their homes to thousands of people who will walk through taking in every detail.  

The event only last one weekend in December, but the number of volunteers it takes is staggering.  All the proceeds go directly to church missions for the next year.  Some of the homes are extremely large while others are quaint and cozy.  There is usually a wonderful mix of styles and interiors on the tour.  It will definitely put you in the holiday spirit.   

The IPC tour starts at the church with tons of gorgeous floral arrangements, amazing treats with hot tea, and songs being sung by their choir.  After these festivities, you continue on to the homes at your own pace.  It truly is a wonderful way to kick off the season!     

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