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Just took a quick peek on Craig's List in the Birmingham Area and look what I found!

Wing Back Chairs

These are such a find.  I am soooo tempted!  Great deal and fabulous lines to these chairs.  I really can't understand why they are being sold? The price is $75 for the pair. 


Looks a lot like this very high end wing back.  All it would take is a neutral fabric, box of nailheads and a good upholsterer who could easily add a skirt to them.

http://www.tonichome.com/catalog.php?item=1584&catid=1&ret=catalog.php%3Fcategory%3D1 ($1,065.00 each)

Hutch/Secretary Furnishings

Here are couple of secretary type pieces that could be left as is or if you wanted a modern vibe you could paint them in a high gloss lacquer. 

This one will give you a more airy open feel due to the open leggy base.  You could use this as a focal point in a living room or for china in a dining room.  They are asking $350.00 and you could probably get it for a bit less.

 It would really look great with the back of the shelving area painted, maybe this color.
BM blue porcelain 1641

Or you could add a seagrass wallpaper to the backs of the shelves and get this look.

Just because this piece is traditional does not mean that it won't work in a more modern home.  I like the idea of mixing a very traditional piece into an ultra modern home.  

This Craig's list find is a heavier more substantial piece.  They are asking $550 for it; but if you could get it for $400, it would be a fabulous deal.  Again, if you have a traditional home, leave it as is (maybe paint or wallpaper the back of the shelving area).

Or you could paint it black and include it with more modern furnishing to get this look.


Danish Club Chairs

Danish High Back Chairs ($500 for the pair).  I would offer $350 for these.

They have a real modern feel to them - similar to this very high end club chair from 1st Dibbs ($1,200.00 each).

Duncan Phyfe Chairs

These I love as they are -  so feminine and traditional.  Would be stunning in the right space ($300 for the pair). 

If you would like for me to go Craig's listing in your area, I would love to do.  Contact me for more information on this service!

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