Perfect Piece of Pied-a-terre

pied-à-terre (French, "foot on the ground") is a small living unit usually located in a large city some distance away from an individual's primary residence. It may be an apartment or condominium.  The term pied-à-terre implies usage as a temporary second residence, either for part of the year or part of the work week, by a person of some means.[1]

A brand new online magazine of the same name just launched (gotta love more free online sources)!  Pied A Terre is a new monthly online magazine founded by interior designer Urban Karlsson and photographer Ron Reeves.  The premier issue has come out of the gates on fire with feature articles on Interior Designer/Artist Deborah Buck (owner of Buck House in Manhattan)  and Swedish sculptor Eva Hild.

I would love your thoughts on it!  Check it out and tell me what you think. 


  1. I have seen this and it is beautiful. It has interesting editorial and really splendid art direction!

  2. This looks to check it out, hanks for the tip!


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