Things I am Loving at the Moment . . .

Here are a few items that I have been "visiting" and revisiting on line.  Thought you might enjoy them too!

Dining Room Chairs
I want a set of 12 of these, but I would love them in a cream leather rather than the linen(which is not currently available).  I think the leather would really add a shot of mod which I think my dining room needs.

Chandelier for my Master Bedroom
We have a relatively large bedroom with a double tray ceiling.  At the moment, there is a white ceiling fan (yuck) in the space that we inherited when we moved in.  I so want it to find another place to live and in its place, I would like to look up and see this airy, warm sophisticated beauty.

Table for my Foyer/Entryway
Our house is a bit unusual in that we do not have a foyer or Entryway.  Our front doors open straight into our living room.  I have thought about having walls put in to give me an actual room, but I would be sacrificing the open feeling of my house which is the reason I was drawn to the house in the first place.  At the moment, I have this table designating my entryway.  The long console table is an old rustic piece I found at Scott's in Atlanta.

What I would love is to have in the center is this table.  What you don't see in this picture is the very large black piano behind me in the picture (in the living room area).  The shiny black finish gives it a very modern feel.  So, I think the below table would be nice mixed in with some of the other more traditional pieces in the space and make the modern piano feel more purposeful.  (love the veneer on the top). 

But alas, at these prices, I will have to wait a while and continue to visit them online.  What finds do you have your eye on these days?  M.

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