Another Project in Progress

Thought you might like to see another project in progress.  This is a commercial space for an accounting firm.  They are starting with a small space and wanted to work with a lot of what was already in the space.  Also, because they are just starting out, the budget is tight.  Here's the design board.

I think it is much more challenging when your client wants you to work with what they already have and does not have a ton of money to spend.  If you start with a clean slate for every design job and have a nice fat budget, it is easy to make a space look amazing.  So, I had to find some deals to include in the overall room.   Also, because this is a commercial property you really have to select items that will withstand a lot of wear and tear and still look great. 

 As background, the previous tenant was an architectural firm, so the space is very modern and unique.  There are three separate rooms - a reception area, a conference room, and an office/work room.  This is the first part of the design and is for the reception area.

Here are a few before shots.  Notice the full kitchen and bar area!  I am standing in the doorway/entrance to the space.  This space is not free standing, but rather in a building with other tenants.  So you walk into a lobby or foyer to access their space.  There is a large wall of glass separating their office from the lobby.

The kitchen/bar area is going to stay in place.  It is very high end (with granite countertops, full sink, refrigerator, stove and dishwasher drawers).  And I think very cool and different! We will add new hardware to the cabinets, and a penny tile backsplash to the the back wall.  Then barstools on this side of the peninsula.

This is the main sitting area of the entrance.  The room beyond the wall of glass is the conference room area.  This wall of glass will have to stay in the space so we are placing a console table in front of it with a pair of lamps.  We will then hang artwork from a track on the ceiling on both sides of the glass to create a sense of privacy in the conference room.   

It is very hard to tell from this really bad picture below (I was the photographer), but there is a wall of windows beyond the desk area (it is just a bright light in the picture).  We are taking out the entire built in desk area to open up the sitting area and will include a free standing desk to the left for the receptionist.  The carpet will be replaced by dark hardwood and a rug.  

We are going to keep one of the square marble pedestals and use it as a coffee table.

We wanted to keep the professional accountant vibe with gray neutrals, but added a punch of modern to utilize many of the features inherited with the space.  Also, there will be four of the gray leather chairs to surround the marble table (I only included two on the design board).  

I'll have to show you more as the project progresses! 


  1. This will be the swankest accounting office EVER.

  2. so pretty. those offices chairs are amazing. i LOVE them.

  3. I love that artwork! All that marble in the existing space is a good starter ;) - amazing, can't wait to see the progress.

  4. will you post the sources for the items on the design board? i love the desk!


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