Design Series Tuesdays - Canopy Beds {part 2}

After hot chocolate and fresh baked cookies for the sledders in our neighborhood yesterday, we are still side tracked with this crazy weather.  We have another snow day today.  The kids are thrilled - again.  I loved my little holiday, but I am now ready to get back to work!  With two re-designs this week and a preliminary design meeting to squeeze in, the snow is really cramping my style.

But, the great news is snow days do not have any impact on blogging.  And today we are continuing our Tuesday design series on canopy beds!  Specifically - using fabric and any old bed to create the look of a canopy.  So, if you are yearning for a canopy bed but don't want to invest in a new piece of furniture, here's your solution.

Isn't this stunning!  There's a lot of fabric here, but I think the neutral solid tone makes it work (at least for me it's working!) Notice the pretty detailing on the valance portion of the canopy.  Also, love that they hung a mirror over the fabric.
Very chic.  Notice the entire room is painted the emerald green with the exception of the ceiling within the canopy area.  All the white give this room a fresh feeling.

This one is a little difficult to see, but the panels have this beautiful detailing on the edge that is also echoed in the window treatments.  Also, notice the ceiling of the canopy area.  I like it, but it does not seem to really go with all the rich character in the rest of the room - very unexpected. 

OK, this one may be a traditional canopy bed (not sure), but I wanted to include it because it's placement in the room is unusual.  You could create a similar look just using fabric. The side of the bed has been accented with the hot pink fabric (which is so in this year!).  This treatment could be used with a daybed and not placed in the corner.  You would then place the pillows across the hot pink wall.  Tons of possibilities here (with fabric options).

Lastly, this is a modern take on the canopy.  It looks as though the entire structure is hanging from chains.  Again, tons of possibilities here, depending on your room. 

I collected these pictures over the Christmas break and was scurrying to find them (between conversations with family and friends and putting out fires with the kiddos). So, I am sorry to say I have no sources any of the pictures.  (If you have read my blog for any length of time, you know this is not like me.  I think it is extremely important to give the person who created the look the credit).  So, if you know any of the sources for these pictures or you are the source, please let me know and I will gladly update with credits!  


  1. Hi Mandi~ What gorgeous inspiration photos! They are all beautiful, but my favorite would be the first one! Sounds like quite a storm that a lot of you bloggers are dealing with..Stay warm and dry! :)

  2. Tell me about it. The weather here is a disaster as well. I wish it slows down eventually. Love al theimages you posted here.

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