Flash in the Pan?

Sometimes I see new design trends briefly and suddenly, it is everywhere you turn.  Others, I see a few times, and they're gone.  

Like these . . . 

When I first saw these cowhide tile rugs a couple of years ago, I thought, "They'll be everywhere in a couple of months."  But that has not really been the case.   And, for what it's worth - I love them.  I think they are modern in a very neutral understated way.

OK . . . don't get me wrong [all you uber trendy design junkies], I have seen them out and about.  But what I am talking about is real main stream, like a Martha Stewart knock off or the robin's egg blue/chocolate brown phenomenon that just won't die.    

So, it begs the question - are these a flash in the pan or are they slow to hit the main stream?  Can you think of any other flash in the pan trends that you liked? 


  1. I'm crazy about the Flower rug (2nd picture) from The Rug Company, and I would be delirious with joy if someone knocked it off.

    I think the cheaper cousin, the naturally-shaped hide, took off and is now in danger of dying a trendy death. Though I'm still searching for one for my living room.

  2. I did a post recently about "Cowhide rugs and Eames chairs" I love them both! I just ordered some Eames chairs for our dining room. Love your blog, I am a New follower ;) Samantha

  3. I love them. Almost got one a few years ago at the mart but had buyers remorse and cancelled the order. That may be one of the few times in my like that happened :)


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