Love That Wall Color!

How many times have you seen a wall color and wondered what the name of the color is?  Or you get the old, "I can't remember?"  Well, never again my friends!!!  

My oh so cute hubby got me an iphone for Christmas, and I spent a little time in the app store during the holidays.  I discovered that Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams now have free applications (yes, I said free) that you can download onto your phone.  With both, if you would like to match a paint color you simply take a picture of the wall with your iphone and the application does the rest.  It will analyze the photograph and tell you the name of the paint color!!  Love it. 

So, for future reference,  if you don't want me to know your paint colors, you might not want to invite me over! 


  1. Ha ha. Now that's a good app - so many times I wish I knew someone's random paint color. This could be the answer. Happy New Year!

  2. Hi Mandi~ I have the color snap app on my iphone too- it's lots of fun to take pics and match the colors- I have yet to order paint and see how close it really comes out, though. Either way, it's so much fun! Hope your holidays were great- Happy New Year! :)

  3. It's like we're living in the future!

  4. I love that app...I have the Ben Moore one but not the SW one so I need to get it. I got a good app today and it is free also. It is a tip calculation. I know...figuring out the tip is easy and I need the practice with numbers but I love it!


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