New Addition to the Dining Room

A few months ago, I posted about this lamp (I actually wanted a pair of them) for my buffet in my dining room.  But for $790 plus shipping, I can think of so many other things I could buy.

Well, this week I was running errands and decided to duck into Home Goods just for quick look.  If you are a Home Goods' shopper, you know the trick to finding the good stuff, is to visit often and shop with a discerning eye (there's a lot of junk in there).  

And there, sitting quietly in the lamp section were these!  Without as much as a blink, they were in my car and on their way to their forever home (ok, forever is an exaggeration, but you get the idea)!!

I love the modern shape which adds some interest to my otherwise traditional dining room.  Still thinking about the shades.  I think I may add dark gray drum shades to them, but that does not have to happen right now.   It's hard to see in the picture, but they have a green/yellow metallic crackle finish.  They actually look great with the wall color/treatment (which I inherited from the previous owner and am living with for now) and the drapery panels which are a green raw silk.  

These were a sweet deal at only $49 each!   There were two others I loved and wanted (great price too), but I refrained.  I still need additional lamps, but what's the fun in buying them all at once?  You have to pace yourself.

There are still lots of things I would like to do to this space - I have a plan.  But I think a space is much more interesting when it evolves over time rather than all at once.  Next on the list for this room, new chairs.  But that will have to wait for another day!

Now, go enjoy your weekend.  M. 


  1. love these lamps! what a great find!

  2. Yes, we love the HomeGoods! Can't tell you how many lamps I've bought there.

  3. When you hit HG just can find some unbelievable lamps! Good score!

  4. Love the lamps and they are a great alternative for the other more expensive lamps!! Great find, I love when that happens. It happens a bit to often for me, I have to admit I have a lamp addiction!! Homegoods is a lethal place for me to shop!! Love your blog and I am looking forward to visiting here again,Kathysue


Thank you for thoughts on my post! M.