New Pillows for my Wingbacks

Just before Christmas I discovered this fabric and fell in love with it.  
I kept thinking about all it's lineny goodness and where I could put it in my house.  Finally, I decided to make some pillows for my favorite spot in the whole house - my wingback chairs.  
 As you can see, this room is very neutral, mainly warm grays, browns and a bit of green.  So, when I saw this fabric which included a watery blue with the green, I knew I had to have it.  This picture is more like the true color of the fabric.
Since this is a large scale fabric, I would normally not use it for small lumbar pillows.  Large scale fabrics look best on large pillows or for drapery panels.  But I broke the rules! I picked out my favorite bird in the pattern and worked it into the center of each pillow.  I also included my favorite trim (for the moment) which is a flat flange with a bit of detail on the corners.  
The other great thing about these . . . I only used a yard of fabric.  So, when (and if) I tire of them, I will be off to find another fabric to change the look for around $35.00 or less! 

I have included this project in  Todays Creative Blog link party!  There are tons of crafty ideas included if you need a little project this weekend. 


  1. First of all, your room is stunning! secondly, love the fabric and it's the perfect compliment to those gorgeous wing chairs!

  2. Hey I love those pillows. How about a tutorial on how to do that flange trim?

  3. Thank you for the sweet comments. When someone tells me that my designs are pretty, it makes my day like nothing else!!

    As for the tutorial, Amanda!
    These are so much easier than those you have done a tutorial on (a true flange pillow). All I did was cut a 2" strip of fabric (not on the bias) and folded it over and ironed it. Then I applied it to the pillow like you would piping. For the corners I just made a flat pleat (I have also done a triple pleat and it looks pretty too). I'm not sure how you put trim on your pillows, but I always apply it to one side of my pillow and then I sew the second piece of fabric onto the pillow in a second step (that way I have the seam of the trim that I follow to make sure that it does not show in the finished product). I hope that makes sense. It sounds confusing as I am typing this - that's the main reason I have never included a tutorial as a post! It would take me ages to explain it!! M.

  4. Hello there Amanda!

    What a wonderful,post!.., I love your cushions, they look fabulous!

    I have some beautiful fabric that I am planning to make some decorative cushions with soon; thanks for the inspiration!

    Please do feel most welcome to pop by to 'my little corner of blogland' for a visit and to, 'share a fragrant, piping hot, cup of tea and a treat', sometime!..,

    Happy, 'Show And Tell Friday'!

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee

  5. Hi Mandi; You are very inspiring and have quite the "eye" I llove fabric and I've always been amazed at the colors when you really look; its like when I go with my husband to buy a suit; it never seizes to amaze me the colors that can be pulled from a suit to the shirt and especially the tie. Thanks again Terri

  6. I LOVE that fabric. It may be close to the world's most perfect print- haha(in my opinion)! I think I may have to get that for our new master bedroom :)

  7. Wow! How wonderful the pillows are. Really, the peacock print is really nice. One of the nicest I've seen.

  8. Anything with a bird in the fabric and I use that treatment for trim on pillows all the time...such a nice change from trim but better that just cording....

  9. Hi there Mandi~ These pillows are darling! I love the fabric you found and birds are a favorite of mine as well- beautiful! Thank you for linking up to Feathered Nest Friday! :)


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