Playroom Dreaming

Do you have a room where furniture goes to die?  You know the routine, you buy new pieces for the important rooms and the furniture that you move out goes to other rooms that are less important.  Then the pieces from that space are either donated or sold b/c they have no home.  For me, the last stop before the curb is our playroom.

Several years ago I purchased a few pieces (very inexpensively) for our playroom and just never focused on pulling it all together.  The chairs are hold overs from my den, the sofa is ENORMOUS, but has a sleeper in it so we can have even more people spend the night with us!  It's upholstered in a blue twill, similar to the one below and is great for hiding stains.    There is also a pair of bookshelves (similar to these) in black for TV/storage.

These are all very basic pieces (I dare say blah).  But look what little fabric in the form of upholstery, pillows and window treatments could do for that space.

I have put together two different fabric plans and would love to know which of the two you like the best.  Maybe at some point this year, I will put one of these plans into action.  

Option 1

Option 2

For the striped accent pillows in the club chairs, I would create a design like this just to add interest.

So, which option is your favorite?  


  1. I love option one but I say you put that gorgeous bird fabric right on the chairs- it's fabulous!

  2. M,
    I love option 2. The pillow design for the club chair is awesome!

  3. I am partial to #2 but what color are the walls????


Thank you for thoughts on my post! M.