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Has this ever happened to you? 

 It's a random Friday afternoon, and your children are playing at a friend's house.  Just as you are getting in the car to pick them up, you get a call asking if they can stay over for the night - OF COURSE they can!  Upon realizing you are childless for the evening, it also dawns on you that you will never get a dinner reservation for a last minute date night.  

OR, how about . . . 

You take care of the kiddos with a sitter, pizza, friends and movie/games (aka stuff to do).  When your hubby walks in the door, you say "Hey!  I'm ready let's get out of here before something blows up!  Where are we off to for dinner?"  The look on his face tells it all - he has no clue (not that this has ever happened at my house, of course).

Enter the solution: 

With this amazingly wonderful website, you can instantly find any open table in your city!  Simply type in your city, the time you want to dine and the number of people in your party and you can actually make the reservation on their website.  You can also go to this site if you are having trouble thinking of a great place to dine, and they will give you a list at your preferred time to pick from!  I was also amazed at the number of great restaurants in Birmingham included on their list.  

Talk about easy peasey.  What does this have to do with interior design?  OK - nothing, but a girl needs a night on the town every now and then too! Have a great weekend. M.

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