You Don't Have to Scream

There is something about a "themed" room that simply undoes me.  When I see them, they make me twitch.  I think it's great to include items in your space that evoke a feeling or represent something you love.  But, it should whisper, not scream.  Here are few examples.

Cover your ears.

I know, it's like a bad car accident.  You don't want to look, but you just can't help yourself.

Please make it stop.

At this point, your eyes may be burning a bit.  So, you may want to close them and count to ten.  {I'll wait.}  OK, now for the "whisper."  You can create the feeling by hinting at the theme.  Like this.

These are all in the beach category, but trust me, I found lots in almost every category under the sun!  Do you have a theme you love or loathe? 


  1. Lord knows I have been in many kids rooms with bad themes like the pics above!!!!! It is kind of like theme dressing which always shocks me unless it is Halloween! BUT....all of the after pictures were divine :)

  2. Oh my goodness yes. Couldn't agree more. The after pictures are lovely though! Thanks so much for your visit. You have a wonderful blog...I'm following you too now!


  3. This is so very true. I'm sad to say that because I do a lot of model homes I have quite a few themed rooms in my portfolio. They make me want to gag though. I try my best to talk clients into not doing a "themey" room and just added little whispers. Sometimes they just won't have it though. -c

  4. Mandi...I awarded you the Stylish Bloggers Award this morning on my post!


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