Carte Blanche blanches (kärt bläNsh', kärts blänch', blănch').
Unrestricted power to act at one's own discretion; unconditional authority: gave the contractor carte blanche to modernize the kitchen.

Who would you give unresticted power to act on a room in your house?  For me, the list is very short!  I have an opinion about my space and the thought of giving someone full discretion makes me hold my breathe a bit.

But, on the list of those I might consider . . .  

I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's day! M.


  1. I see Diane is a Madeline Weinrib fan! This post was so fun to read because I'm doing a house right now and have been given carte blanche on the master -- she doesn't want to know anything about it until the installation is complete. It is SO fun -- and flattering! Miss you...

  2. That first picture is sheer perfection!


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