A Crush

I have a crush.  

It's on the color orange.  

Over the last few months, I've noticed my tendency to linger over photographs of interiors with orange accents.

  At first it was a subtle thing, almost as if I wasn't really sure why I liked the space.  

But over time, it became obvious what was drawing me.  Then it became a bit more serious . . .  

I started musing as to where I could include some orange in our house.  

Then,  I started searching for the perfect orange fabric - namely velvet.  

It had the be the perfect shade of orange at the perfect price. 

 And, last week, I found it! 

 I order two yards of this very delicious burnt orange velvet.  

I plan to incorporate its yumminess into our master bedroom.  As soon as it's complete, I will do a big reveal! 
I hope you have a wonderful Monday.  My advice - hit the ground running today.  Before you know it, Friday will be knocking on your door! M. 


  1. Holy crap...I clicked on that source and can not believe how cheap that fabric is!!! Another thing...I have been feeling the same way about orange. The other day I threw an orangey blanket from India [that I got at the mart in January] over my sofa with some black and white pillows and I was in love instantly....It does have to be the perfect color though.....

  2. I too am loving orange and all of these images are making me even more convinced. I saw an orange sink in a bathroom today on the Zhush blog and have had orange on my mind all day!

  3. I am loving the warmth of orange too, and not just because it is freezing cold and pouring down rain in the middle of JUNE here in Seattle!


Thank you for thoughts on my post! M.