Elizabeth Dinkel

I've recently been pre-occupied with Elizabeth Dinkel's designs.  I love how fresh each of her rooms feel - I would describe them as "a very sophisticated version of Spring."  The fabrics and furnishings are so pulled together in every single space. 

This room is a nice mix of traditional and modern furnishings and fabrics.  Notice the alcove/sunroom area off this living room.  She's carried the draperies into this space to give it a cohesive feel.  Also, I adore the slender oval side table next to the club chair - very Mad Men. 

This is a cheery room - makes me happy just to look at it.  I love the chest under the TV with the same burnt orange accents which play off the drapery panels.  And would you look at the large panes of glass in those french doors.  Perfection. 

I am such a sucker for a chevron pattern.  She has sprinkled it throughout the room with pillows and the bed coverlet.  I still find that chevrons are difficult to find here in Birmingham.  There a ikats galore, but the chevron pattern, not so much. 

Love how she has placed the club chairs a bit in front of the windows and then given you some pop with that huge mirror between them.  Tons of impact. 

OK, sheer bliss.  I think the design of this headboard is spot on and it simply jumps off the page with that wallpaper behind it.  Not sure I would ever get out of bed if this were mine. 

This is the perfect room for transitioning a child into their teen room.  I love the subtle colors (not like all that hot pink or teal screaming at you - I'm not judging I have a child that is screaming for teal at this very moment!) 

There is a lot of pattern going on in this sitting area, but it works.  The neutral tones of the wallpaper and rug help pull it off.  When you pair these tones with pops of color (like the orange in the chair and the tables) you really get something special.


  1. Agreed....she has a wonderful eye. I like how she mixes classic tradtiional rooms with a modern twist in either the fabrics or furnishings...her rooms are really inviting and not too stuffy

  2. Wonderful...classic but updated. A little playful...


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