Family Weekend

I mentioned we were going to have family in town this past weekend.  It was so much fun.  We were on the go most of the time with sporting events for my kids and a quick trip to the fabric store with my sister-in-law (I'm helping redesign her living room).  With all the running around, it was nice to have dinner at home one of the nights.  My husband's birthday was the week before so we held off and celebrated this past Saturday night. I thought you might like to see my table for the dinner.

I rarely use a lot of color on the table.  I know lots of people do and it is beautiful; but for me, I like a table that's simple and elegant.  

My dining table is much wider than a standard table, so I have to think big for a centerpiece.  This arrangement is an easy way to get impact, not break the bank, and still be able to see your dinner guests (not some huge arrangement).  I took one bundle of pink tulips and tucked the entire arrangement inside this large clear glass vase.  It fills up a lot of space, but does not obstruct your view.  In the summer months, I've also floated fresh hydrangeas in this vase for a pretty look.  

Here's a closer look (below).  
Also, notice the small etched sherbet glasses in the picture below.  These were a recent find, and I was dying to use them.  I only have six, so I filled them with jelly bellies in flavors that my daughter and I picked (after tasting all of them in the grocery store, I might add).  We included our favorites of all the red, pink and white options.  
These were a fun conversation piece and everybody lingered after dessert and sampled them.

Here's another tip I often use:  If you are having more than six people to a dinner party, the number of plates, crystal, etc. that you are hand washing really adds up.  So, what I often do is use real silver and linen table napkins to make the table feel special.  Then I pair this with my every day china (which is just a simple white pattern) and every day glassware (not crystal).  It makes the party special and clean up much easier for me.

One last thing, I used salt cellars with crystal spoons on the table this time.  Although I don't use them often, I think they are unusual and really add to the table setting.  These were a gift from an Aunt when I got married.  It was a ton of fun and I hope they will come back soon for another visit. M. 


  1. Your table/home is GORGEOUS! Thanks so much for sharing- inspired by the elegance of it all.

  2. I love that vase with the flowers in pretty...might have to use that one!

  3. I love the oversized centerpiece- it's funny whenever I set a table I love a ton of color and I'm usually not a big color person!

  4. Beautiful furniture and I love the painting in the gold frame! I always admire people who set their table so beautifully. :)

  5. Your table is beautiful, and I am in love with your chandelier. These are great tips! Thanks so much for linking up to Roomspiration!


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