Find of the Day - small vases

Need a pick me up to get you through the rest of Winter?  Here is a little something that might help.

Add a small vase of something fresh to your main living area.  You can use flowers or even a few sprigs of boxwood from your yard.  

The trick is to pick a small vase with a small mouth (rather than a trumpet shaped vase with a large opening).  This allows maximum impact with only a few stems of flowers or greenery.  A small vase can be placed in so many different places.  They are perfect on a small side table like this one next to my sofa.  Or on a bedside table.  Here are few examples of the type of vase that I am talking about. 

This particular one comes in a couple of different colors with a crackle finish.  I just love the look of it. 

For something modern, consider this.  Also, I love white because it hides the stems of the flowers and does not limit the color of the flowers you choose. 

These have an Asian vibe that is a nice addition to any space. 

Flowers always brighten a space and your mood! 

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  1. I love the little vases you've showed. Especially the greyish-greeny-blue ones. That's my favourite ever colour. I'd paint the whole house that colpur if I could!!

    I'm your new follower!


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