I think so many people underestimate the impact of re-arranging their furnishings.  By using what you have in new and different ways you can really freshen up a space.  

This week, my business partner and I did a redesign for a wonderful homeowner who calls us every season to "freshen up" her spaces.  We move furnishings around and rotate/edit accessories depending on the season.  Here are some pictures of the results!  Thanks Sherry for continuing to call us.  We love working with all your beautiful accessories. 

If you live in Birmingham, AL and want a fresh new look for Spring, call us!  We can do the same thing for you.  M.


  1. I LOVE to do a redesign! More than anything. It is so easy to get a whole new look in your room without spending any money. I used to do them all the time and wish I could do more. Beautiful home and great job editing.

  2. Love the coral. Totally agree about the power of rearranging, people don't get how impactful it can be, using the very same pieces and sometimes adding a small knick nack here or there. I do it often and it keeps things fresh and new. Good point.

  3. what a beautiful home! Good job guys!


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