Atomic Era Lamps

These days there are so many online resources for accessories.  So, when I find one that really stands out as unique I bookmark it and shop it often.  That has been the case with Laurel Leaf Farm for quite some time.  I love the site because it has unique stuff that hasn't been "dolled up."  You do have to dig(yes, even online), but the deals are great.  

Recently, I went to their site to source some brass accessories and discovered their sister website known as 1st Stop Retro Shop!  Well, let's just say:

 And in this case . . . the Atomic bomb (cheesy, huh? Sorry, I couldn't resist).

I stumbled upon these Atomic Era lamps which are so cool.  The Atomic Era developed due to a time in our history when the atomic bomb and nuclear energy were being discovered/considered for defense/energy for our country.  During this period of time, interior design began to reflect our political circumstances.  After all, designers do not design in a vacuum.  It is also worth noting this was during the midcentury modern upsurge, so these pieces have modern lines.

So, there's your history lesson for the day, on to the finds!

Atomic Ear Brass Lamps - these would really bring an authentic layer to any space.  And that is what you want in your home, not something that looks like it came straight from a catalog.  Rather, something that has developed over time into your space.  

These are $60 for the pair (you can't even find this kind of deal on Craig's list anymore)! 

This one is also $60 and would be amazing on a bedside table or in a study - great patina.

And last, but not least, (this one is my favorite) this beauty is $50.  It would look unbelievable as an accent lamp on a traditional bow front chest with other accessories including a large piece of modern art to really balance the traditional casement piece. 

Here's a little inspiration on mixing this modern style with more traditional pieces.


  1. Wow! This stuff is great! I'm going to have to keep this shop on my radar for some lamps for our master bedroom. And other accessories as well. With a new house and fairly new furnishings as far as the bigger items go (we've been married only three years), I'm learning that I really need to mix in things with age and character and patina. This place will be a huge help!

  2. I love this type of crap! I saw a brass spider lamp at HomeGoods the other day on clearance for $60. Should of bought it but I have no place for it. Checking out the shop.

  3. Thanks for the on line sources! I will have to go check them out! It's always fun to find new shops! Beautiful spaces- great mix of old and new!

  4. I really enjoyed this post, the lamps are great, and the rooms that you feature here for inspiration are beautiful. Great post...

  5. I am heading there right now...I, like you am trying to inject a tiny bit of modern into my home :) Looks like a good place to start!

  6. Oh, I love these rooms! I am such a fan of mid-century and these rooms really combine retro with modern seamlessly.

    P.S. I'm glad you liked my blog. Yours is stunning! Such eye candy. I'm your newest follower!


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