Campaign Desk - Stylish Alternatives

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Great!  You're back.  Here we go:

As you know, I love a good deal.  When I find something I love, I am always curious if I can get a similar look without the price tag.  I came across this Campaign Desk and thought it looked amazing.  I can see this desk placed in front of a large window overlooking a fabulous view, or even behind a sofa (as an alternative to a sofa table giving you a library table look).  

The price tag for this piece is $2,750.00.

So, I got busy and found this one.  Similar tone of wood and "X" legs, but feels a bit lighter or thinner  (almost a bit rustic) than the initial find.  The price is better at $599.

Then! I came across this little find.  It is more in keeping with the style of the initial piece - same tone of wood and more substantial (thicker) top.  

The price (drum roll please!) - $199.99 (on sale right now).

Here's a closer look.

Anybody in need of a Campaign desk?!! M.


  1. Score! I've noticed that World Market seems to channeling RH lately, with all of the bleached wood. I love the desk - would use it in my own home!

  2. I saw that desk and the collection of this furniture at world market the other day, and I must say, it is very attractive. The wood is wonderfully weathered but smooth. There is a lovely dining table and I am seriously considering some of their bookshelves. It is very similar to the RH collection...

  3. Wow what a deal! Smart it! Definitely check out my post today, on this very subject, the reclaimed and painted wood will love it. I think its a great look, also check out my giveway!~ Have fun with your project!


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