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I had a conversation with a friend recently who pointed out I rarely never talk about interior design in small spaces on my blog.  I realized she was right!  So, I am working on this and starting out with a bang.  Here is a fantastic condo space with lots of ideas on making the most of a small space.

You do not need a lot of square footage to live big.  Here's proof.

These photographs are the work of Toronto designer Byron Patton.  This is a condo in a converted wing of Loretto College built in 1915 in Toronto's Annex neighbourhood.  

Notice the use of light and mirrors in all the spaces.  This is a shot of the entryway to the home.  Rather than a chest or console with lots of accessories, Patton has selected an upholstered settee paired with some striking black and white photographs.  The upholstered settee with accent pillows softens the space and brings in some much needed texture without taking up lots of space.  Also, the lack of accessories helps to create a clean, large feeling to the foyer.  Lastly, the oversized mirror and transom windows bring in more light which always brightens the mood of a room.

Kitchens in condos can be very predictable since most are designed in a similar way.  But, Patton has managed to create a unique feel to this space.  Notice the backsplash that continues up the wall behind the ventilation hood in a darker tone that is repeated in the darker cabinetry of the peninsula (or bar area).  He has continued this balancing act by selecting a darker countertop for the light cabinetry wall and a light countertop for the peninsula.  

Moving into the dining room, Patton selected a very glamorous fixture, but the shade subdues it a bit helping marry the dining area with the kitchen.  Also, he has created interest by varying the textures in this space (rather than using color to create interest) - the host and hostess chairs with nailhead trim, the stainless steel table top, the leather side chairs.

Although this is a modern space, Patton has introduced a very traditional casement piece with tons of texture by way of the burled wood secretary.  I usually am not a fan of placing a rug on the diagonal, but it works in this space to create interest in an ordinary square condo living room.  Also notice the use of  the long narrow mirror repeating the lines of the long narrow windows.  

This is my favorite room in the condo - the guest bedroom.  I love the use of the mirrors above the bedside tables and the fabulous chandelier (for a shot of high glam).  These elements coupled with the glass console table and sheers with a simple header help to make the space live much larger than the actual square footage.

The master bedroom isn't too shabby either.  Notice the focal wall in a textured (very suede like) treatment.  But he doesn't stop there.  Patton then adds a headboard that covers the entire wall, injecting even more texture.  AND he doesn't stop there, the tufted ottoman and artwork (over the chest to the right) continue the neutral textured theme of the entire home.  Where's the mirror element in this space, you ask?  The bedside tables.   Just lovely. 

Luckily, Patton didn't get the memo on "no dark colors in small spaces."  He has transformed this den into the coziest of rooms with a dark wall color and even more texture - the rug, the pillows.  He has also created impact with the artwork matted in white frames for some POW!  Lastly, he has include mirrors in the tray area of the ceiling and another very glamorous chandelier which helps to balance the otherwise masculine feeling of this space.
If you are living in a condo at the moment, you must incorporate some of these ideas into your space.  They are worth considering whether you style is traditional or modern.  The clever use of texture and light can work to your advantage. 


  1. Love this post!!! I live in a condo right now and really like these ideas. That kitchen/dining room is gorgeous.

  2. Those are such elegant rooms! Beautiful, peaceful colors. So nice to live in a condo with a design like this. :)
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