Design Perspective- Jim Essary

At first glance, this seems like any ordinary room (beautiful, but in many ways ordinary).   I think it's the traditional style that deceives your eye.  That is, until you actually look at the space planning.  Notice the partner's desk placed between the windows on the main wall you see when entering the space (partner's desks can be tricky to work with in a space).  Although the fireplace is a focal point, the placement of the desk creates a second point of interest.  I love that this space has three different areas with very distinct purposes.  

Look at the architectural detail on the ceiling (the molding and medallion) as well as the chandelier.  I adore the small oval window (on the left wall) and the vignette he has placed under it, almost making the window feel like it has been hung like artwork.

The room doesn't feel cluttered - nor does it seem like too much is going on in the space.  This is accomplished by using the same fabrics on all the chairs and the sofa in a similar tone of color.  Really, when you look closely, this room is brilliantly executed!  

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  1. All I know is when I first saw the room I was immeditaly drawn to it and didn't think it was ordinary at all..its elegant, beautiful and inviting...but when you point out all the are so right, in how its all in the small details when you pick a room apart...lovely! Stop by my post...doing an amazing giveaway for stunning Murano handblown glass lamps....have a great day!


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