Months ago my friend, Raina, over at If the Lampshade Fits posted about the new Spring collection for John Robshaw.  As I was perusing his offerings, I saw this scrumptious little top (only $50.00 which I thought was very reasonable).  

He called it a Kurta.  I only knew it as a tunic top, but I was smitten.  At the time of Raina's post, it was not even available on his website.  (She always has the inside scoop long before the rest of us!)  So, in my usual attitude, I thought, "I'll just make my own!"

I did a little searching and found this pattern.  As an aside, tunics have never fit me properly.  If they fit in the shoulders they are too tight around the bottom (aka, too much junk in the trunk) and vice versa.  So, I started looking for a pattern I could easily alter and adjust to my figure.  This pattern fit the bill.  

If you sew, you will think this is the easiest pattern in the world - no zippers, or buttons, just a truly simple pattern.  If you don't sew, this one is worth a try (it's that easy).  But, I will have to say $50 to purchase John Robshaw's isn't a bad deal either (and no I am not being paid to say this, unfortunately!)

But, if you want to give the pattern a try, I think the key is finding the perfect fabric.  I found a line of fabrics that are perfect for this top. They are by Joel Dewberry. 

I ordered this fabric in the brown and white.  So, if you live in Birmingham, pick another color combination!! (just kidding).

These colors don't look great on me, but wouldn't this make a amazing top?! 

So, now for the reveal.  Here is the one I made. 

If you notice, the style requires that you wear a shell underneath it, since the front is open to the waistline, but it looks amazing on (I put a dark gray shell on with it for a contrast).

Pair this tunic with white jeans and some antelope sandals and you are ready for Spring!  I have made a couple of these in other fabrics (which I am too lazy to go in there and photograph for you to see!)  Also, I plan to make one a size larger and use it for a swimsuit cover up this summer - maybe in a fun chevron pattern!  


  1. Super cute! I love the fabric you chose. Now it's time for Spring to arrive :)

  2. I love those tunics, and I am so excited about finding your blog!

  3. Hi Mandi, very clever and oh so cute for Spring/Summer. Thankyou for stopping by today on my blog post and leaving a comment it is always fun to see new readers!!! Hope to see you again, Happy Tuesday,Kathysue

  4. This looks so great. I love it. So impressed! I have been sewing a lot lately (for Collins) but am thinking about making me something!


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