Project in Progress - Big Girl Room

Just wanted to share a project I'm working on for a client.  She read the posts I did on a Bedroom Freshen Up and Playroom Dreaming and wanted me to do the same for her daughter's room!  

Here's the story - She's moving her daughter out of the crib into a real bed and wants to give the room a big girl look without breaking the bank.  For starters, she already has the bed which is a lovely amber colored spool bed (sorry I don't have a picture, but take my word for it, it's lovely).  She also has a bedside table in a similar tone of wood.  In addition to the bed, she has roman shades (left from the previous homeowner) in a pink window pane fabric that is trimmed in a thin green tape. (I have encouraged her to use these since they are in great shape and since pink is the color of the year!)

She also has a simple matelasse coverlet and bedskirt in white.  So, a basic start to a room!  Also, I will tell you that my client is young and hip and wants something unexpected, maybe even a bit sophisticated for this space.  The main reason is this room also acts as the guest bedroom when family and friends come to town, so it needs to play double duty.  Lastly, she is on a tight budget for this "freshen up" so every single dollar must add tons of impact.  The goal was to keep it around $350.00.

OK, so that is what I started with and here are two options I have given her for the room.  Why Two? Because a girl needs options (and because I simply cannot help myself when I start working on these projects!)

Option #1 is just a bit more expensive at a grand total of $345.44.  

Option 2 has a brighter, bolder feel, but would also make a fun big girl room.  
The grand total for this "freshen up"- $322.49.

I would love to know which you prefer!  It might help her make a decision.  M.


  1. I am crazy for BOTH of theses designs!! I loooooove them! Cant wait to see the finished result.

  2. Wow both adorable but I am partial to number one with that great green chic and timeless and ageless. She is in good hands!

  3. I think I am partial to #1 also.....I LOVE those fabrics!

  4. I like number 1 a lot. Especially the pillows.

  5. Great job! I like the the large pillows in #1 but I love the lamp in #2.

  6. I am in love with #1 although both of them are sooo... pretty! I just love the pillows colors and the throw is just perfect. Very nice. Can't wait to see which one you pick.

    I love your blog, and thanks for stopping by mine!

  7. Really like your blog! Great taste. New follower...

  8. I like both of these a lot! Great fabric pairings. I just love mixing fabrics.

    Number 1 feels especially fresh and youthful to me. I picture happy girl living here :)

    great blog! Just found you.


Thank you for thoughts on my post! M.