Website Highlight - The Designer's Attic & A Winner

A Winner
First, the winner of the CSN $25 gift certificate is Marie Howard (comment # 48 based on number selection).  Congratulations and happy shopping!
Also, a huge thank you to everyone who commented on this giveaway and for all the new followers!  You really made my week!

 So for all those who did not win the gift certificate, I do have a little treat for you - it's this fabulous website!

Website Highlight
I have been enjoying this blog for quite some time and realized I had not shared it with you!  It's called The Designer's Attic and it is a blog written by Shannon Darby whose design firm is based in South Carolina.  She is adorable, and her blog is all about high end fabrics at affordable prices.  Each day she features a new fabric.  Usually the yardage is limited, but the prices are amazing.  She also includes images of interiors using the particular fabric - total eye candy! 

My favorite feature is her Friday, "Designer's Attic Instant Room."  She puts together a package usually including a couple (sometimes three) different coordinating fabrics and a wallpaper.  She then outlines what she would do with the fabrics to create a room.  You can then purchase the instant room for a reasonable price. In fact, most often it is already sold by the time I read the post!  Here are a few of my past favorites from the instant room. 

And yes, I did wait until Friday to post this "Website Highlight," so get over there and check out her Instant Room for the week!

Spring Break
My children are out for Spring Break next week, so I am planning on spending my time with them and not on the computer.  Just a warning, my posting will be sporadic, at best! M. 


  1. Shannon always finds great fabrics to feature and sometimes in color ways that I have not seen....thanks for the reminder about her. Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks a million :) you are so sweet!!

  3. First time checking out your blog and I'm so glad I did! What great inspiration. I have alot of catching up to do on your posts.
    Take Care,


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