Farewell Party

Over the weekend, we hosted a small farewell party for a wonderful couple who are leaving Birmingham.  They are off on a new adventure to a small town in Georgia!  We did a very casual party for the occasion with just a few families.  I took lots of pictures of the setup but totally forgot to take any once the guests arrived!  So, you will have to be satisfied with the pre-party pictures this time!

I tried to put together a menu with mainly make ahead items so I could also enjoy the party.  Here's what we had:

For Starters
Parmesan Breadsticks
Amy's Texas Margaritas

Main Course
BBQ Ribs 
Corn & Bacon Casserole
Green Apple Coleslaw

Kid Friendly Stuff
Hot Dogs
Fresh Strawberries

Warm Chocolate Chip Cookie Squares w/ Ice Cream

This was a family friendly party.  So, to make it fun for the kiddos I put together goodie bags.

The bags included an assortment of Dollar Store junk goodies including, bubbles, a can of silly string, a crazy straw, a squisky ball, some plastic bugs, a windmill, and a glow in the dark bracelet.  I also had sidewalk chalk and some sugary candy (which the kids and some Moms enjoyed!)

The grownups were greeted with Texas Margaritas (which were not yet mixed when I took this picture!) and these yummy breadsticks I ordered earlier in the week from a local bakery.

The initial plan was to have dinner outside, but it was just a bit too chilly once the sun went down.
So, we had pre-dinner cocktails outside and came in for dinner.

I also set up this galvanized tub for drinks for the kiddos (this picture was taken before we had the ice and drinks in the tub).  

I like it because it is low enough that even the youngest of kids can help themselves.

We did a set up in my breakfast room for the children and the adults ate in the dining room.

Dining Room (I filled the orchid bowl on the buffet with Easter Lilies which will still look great next weekend when we have family in town for Easter).

My daughter also helped me arrange some flowers we cut from the garden.  There are tons of flowers in bloom here in Birmingham.

 Every time we host something like this, I think "Why don't we do this more often?"

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  If not, you'll have another chance in about five days!  M.


  1. What fun! I agree-- after I throw a little dinner party I say the same thing about not doing that enough! Happy Monday! Caroline

  2. Oh my gosh...your backyard is so pretty! I say the same thing as you do...once the house is all clean and I have flowers everywhere, I think I should do this more often:)

  3. What a lovely party and I love your patio. I loooove white washed brick, such charm and character. You did a beautiful job!

  4. Beautiful! I know your guests must have loved all of your special touches. :)

  5. It is so nice to have a party and get things spruced up a bit. I love the orange runaculas! The party bags for kids are such a good idea -- if they are happy the parents are happy!!

  6. As usual, the dinner was wonderful and the company was even better! Thank you for such a lovely evening and all of the thoughtful touches. The kids really enjoyed themselves as well! I found myself admiring all of your flower arrangements, especially the Easter Lilies. Have a wonderful Easter and thank you for such a special night!


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