Find of the Day - Chalkboard Fabric

I was sourcing fabrics for a client last week and came across this fabric.

It's chalkboard fabric.  

I have seen lots of takes on chalkboard including paint, magnets and the real deal.  
But fabric?? Who Knew!?  

I love the idea of a pillow - you could write sweet or encouraging messages to your kids like "Good Luck on your Test" or  "Say your Prayers" or  "Welcome Home from Camp" 

This is also a fun idea.  Use the fabric to create a casual table setting.

This is a Thanksgiving runner where your guest share what they are thankful for.

Another cute idea to help teach your children how to set the table for dinner. 

How cute is this!  If my children were still small, I would so make this and write whatever I wanted on them!!

I love this idea too.  I currently have several banners with different messages like Happy Birthday, Welcome Home, and Happy Valentines Day.  With this banner, you could change the lettering to suit the occasion. 

Lastly, I saw this picture (for a different craft idea), and it made me think of all the flashcards I have had to purchase over the years, from sight words to multiplication tables.  This would have been a smart solution for the flashcard du jour.

So, you ask?  Where can I purchase this wonderfully unique fabric?  Here's a link to one of many sites that sell it.  
Also, I would love to hear from any of you who have worked with this fabric on projects and what you did with it.  I would love to see your results and share them with my readers!  M.


  1. I have never seen this the idea of using it as a tablecloth! Take care, Caroline

  2. That is super nifty! I also love the idea of using it as a tablecloth - great for a modern "name card". And, of course, I love the silhouette pillows. I FINALLY got my silhouette collection up on the wall and blogged about it this morning.

  3. That is total genius! I love gosh the possibilites are totally all the ideas above. Great!

  4. Chalkboard fabric?! Brilliant idea! I am going to have to get some. : )



  5. Cut it out!!!! That is so cool, and the possibilities are endless! I wonder if it will soon be available in other colors the way chalkboard paint now is?

  6. How interesting! This is the first I have seen of this type of fabric. Trés avante garde... I love the table cloth idea.

  7. That is great -- the possibilities are endless!


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