A Girl's Day Out!

I'm on my way to Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta for the day!  Woo Whooo.  I have been looking forward to this trip for weeks.  It's actually a girl's trip.  We are going over on a chartered bus (which includes refreshments, I might add) and after a nice long day looking at amazing interior finds, we will return to Birmingham with hopefully some great stuff.

  Unfortunately for my husband, when he thinks of Scott's he has heart palpitations - something about his wallet hemorrhaging?  Who knows?  I can only image what is going through his mind.  

Maybe something like this . . . 

"Honey, I'm home!"

or this . . . 
"You will never believe the deals I found!"

OK, I confess, I have been known to go a little crazy, but it's only because I don't get to go that often (sort of like the kid that never gets to eat candy unless at a friend's house).  But it simply cannot be helped at a place like this.  The possibilities are endless.    
The reason . . . 
Hours of getting to look through this.  I get so distracted, I can't even carry on a conversation (which if you know me, is saying something)  
AAHHHhhhh.  Wish me luck!! 

And have a great weekend.  M.


  1. This sounds like fun. i have heard about his place! i gotta get to Atlanta one of these days!

  2. How fun!! Enjoy..we wish you luck and if you have the luck that the folks above did..hope you are bringing a BIG car! Enjoy!

  3. Lol! Good luck! Can't wait to see what you come back with :)

  4. soo jealous! have a great time!

  5. lucky you!! sounds like the perfect girl's trip to me.

    This is my first time to your blog, I'll be sure to come back to see what treasures you bring home with you. =)


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